What Do You Do at DVR Systems?

Customers ask all the time, What do you do? We LISTEN.

In short, we are a CCTV surveillance systems solutions provider with a wide range of products offerings and more importantly the design and engineering depth to customize CCTV surveillance systems solutions to your specific circustances, design spec and budget.

Our customers range from small, locally owned surveillance system dealer/installers to Fortune 500 companies and many civil and government agencies and institutions like NASA and the Secret Service.

Each day, we get requests that range from a simple single channel Mobile DVR Application, to 400 TB/256 camera solutions using a mix of analog & IP cameras, seamlessly, in one complete solution. Our customer base ranges from someone wanting to keep an eye on Mom & Dad as they grow old, to complete command & control solutions that can provide REAL TIME, 100% accurate systems capable of multi-protocol alerts, a wide range of ANALYTICS (customer/vehicle counting, missing object search, wrong way detection, etc.) and access control. These are normal, everyday things.

On the other hand, we get some REALLY interesting requests, from methodology in watching baby birds in the wild, to recording fishing shows for TV broadcast, to downloading satellite feeds for later playback on Live TV.

We have a vibrant reseller program with more than 800 dealers buying the best quality security DVR products in the world. We also service the retail customer both online and on the phone.

What do we do? We make TIME to LISTEN to YOU. We HEAR your requests and we CUSTOM BUILD solutions that meet all of the specs that you require to make your CCTV goals a reality.

We'd like to take the time to listen to you as well.

What you WILL Get when you buy from us: 24 YEARS OF CCTV EXPERIENCE AND:

  • Answers to your questions, EVERY TIME, clear cut advice that your grandmother could understand
  • Someone who will TAKE THE TIME to LISTEN to you and your needs
  • A quality product that works
  • A 30 Day money back guarantee
  • FREE UPS ground shipping - you'll never pay for shipping again
  • TEN year warranty on our DVRs & NVRs - the BEST in the business
  • English speaking, rock solid tech support that won't leave you wondering what to do now
  • FREE UPDATES on your software for as long as you own your system
  • An RMA process that is simple and easy. If it doesn't work, we'll fix it and that's that!
  • Peace of mind knowing we're in your corner and your equipment is on the job

Since 1991 We've been building Computers that work. Today you can buy that same level of confidence with your DVR Purchase. These Systems are engineered for success and built to exacting standards. They are NOT a PC that has been thrown together with a Video Capture Card as an afterthought. These systems are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to be a DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER. In addition, we are a certified SQUARE TRADE SEAL MEMBER. You are assured a quality product and a long lasting relationship with a quality vendor. Today, it seems like everyone that can build a computer is trying to get into the DVR Business. DVR's are a SPECIALTY product that require specific engineering to achieve desired results. Talk to a Pro!

Sales, Service & Technical Support

369 East Main Road
Conneaut OH 44030
Phone: 800-807-1271
Fax: 866-543-9819


DVR SYSTEMS CAMERAS catch crooks in TWO Cities! Watch the video NOW:

EVERY DVR, HD Analog DVR, Hybrid/Tribrid System and Network Video Recorder (NVR) we sell, comes OUT of the BOX, with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY.

Need some help understanding what to buy? Here's some Terminology:

DVR - Typically an Analog Recorder with BNC inputs as the Industry Standard.

Tribrid DVR - This technology allows for recording of old style Analog Cameras, New HD-Analog Cameras AND IP/Network Cameras all at the same time, on the same recorder.

NVR - Allows recording of IP/Network Cameras (Digital) from 1.3 to 10 Mega Pixels

4K NVR - Newer Technology that allows recording of 4K IP/Network Cameras with Four Times the Number of Pixels than standard IP/Network Cameras.

Hybrid DVR - Allows recording of both Analog and IP/Network Cameras on the same DVR

Want to see a DEMO of real time video quality? Click HERE


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