DVR SYSTEMS CAMERAS catch crooks in TWO Cities! Watch the video NOW:

EVERY DVR, HD Analog DVR, Hybrid/Tribrid System and Network Video Recorder (NVR) we sell, comes OUT of the BOX, with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY.

Need some help understanding what to buy? Here's some Terminology:

DVR - Typically an Analog Recorder with BNC inputs as the Industry Standard.

Tribrid DVR - This technology allows for recording of old style Analog Cameras, New HD-Analog Cameras AND IP/Network Cameras all at the same time, on the same recorder.

NVR - Allows recording of IP/Network Cameras (Digital) from 1.3 to 10 Mega Pixels

4K NVR - Newer Technology that allows recording of 4K IP/Network Cameras with Four Times the Number of Pixels than standard IP/Network Cameras.

Hybrid DVR - Allows recording of both Analog and IP/Network Cameras on the same DVR

Want to see a DEMO of real time video quality? Click HERE




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