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48 Channel PC Based DVR

48 Channel PC Based DVR - DVR Systems starting as low as $159!
$3,499.00 / Each
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  • 4U Rack Mount Chassis
  • Heavy Duty DVR Grade Power Supply
  • 8.0 GB DDR3 Memory
  • Genuine Intel QUAD Core I-7 CPU
  • 1.0 GB Nvidia Video (PCI-x16)
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • 4.0 TB DVR Grade 7200rpm HDD (Upgrades to 14 TB)
  • DVD-RW Drive
  • 48 Channel H.264 Real Time DVR Recorder
  • Capability of HYBRID (you can ADD IP cameras)
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Windows 7 PRO

48 Channel DVR System

REAL Time DVR - up to 400 Terabytes of Video Storage or More!

Our 48 channel DVR systems have been engineered to the highest standards resulting in a very robust, super reliable video surveillance recording system - and we back that statement with an industry leading 5 YEAR warranty on all of our 48 channel DVR systems.

We have literally hundreds of satisfied 48 Channel DVR customers to include: US Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Lake Bowl Casino, Diamond Mountain Casino, Ohio State University and the State of Oregon Department of Corrections just to name a few.

We start with the enclosure because it will determine everything else that will follow.

The Case

We use an ATX Footprint 5U Rack Enclosure. It's heavy, with an empty weight of nearly 100 lbs. The box has plenty of room inside for a full-blown, top-notch 48 channel DVR system with all the horsepower we can give it. We install three power supplies for redundancy - if one fails the others keeps the system running. We load it up with plenty of RAM and a high performance processor and DVR card which are al key to making the system perform as expected.

Built For Rock Solid Performance

The concept is simple...EVERYTHING in the system HAS to be TOP OF THE LINE. If you have a fast processor with a slow motherboard (FSB), performance will suffer. The Entire system is only as fast as the SLOWEST there can't be any slow components. Overkill is the order of the day. TRIPLE REDUNDANT Power Supplies are standard.


The Enclosure has 24 hot-swap hard disk drive bays. Today we can put a 2TB HDD in there providing up to up to 48 TB of video surveillance storage for your 48 channel DVR system. These are SATA drives with 16 Mb of cache on each one. As hard drive sizes continue to grow, our storage capability increases. What was literally out of reach for many organizations just a year or two ago, is easy to attain today. We also have 8 Drive, 12 Drive and 16 drive enclosures available.

DVR Cards - The Heart And Soul Of Your 48 Channel DVR System

We use a hardware compression (H.248) system that allows us to stack up to four 16 Channel, 480 FPS DVR Cards in the four available PCI slots. This gives us a total of 48 channels of video and 48 channels of audio. Each card has two VGA-like connectors on it. Each connector attaches to a pigtail with 8 BNC connectors for audio and 8 for video.

Adding A Monitor To Your 48 Channel DVR System

Now we can connect any size monitor to your 48 channel DVR system, add a keyboard and a mouse and we're operational. Hook up your CCTV surveillance cameras, start up Windows XP PRO, Vista or Windows 7 and load the DVR software and you're ready to watch 48 channels of surveillance video on one monitor. We can even divide the 48 channel up into 4 -16 channel monitors with a matrix card option. Click a camera screen and instantly blow that camera to full screen, playback video, whatever you want. Variable bit rate makes playback even more impressive than live video.

Networking Your 48 Channel DVR System

Once you've attached the DVR to the Internet or a LAN, you can easily watch these cameras from any remote location using the WAN or the Internet. To view your security cameras from the Internet, you can use the included secure client software or alternatively a web browser - your choice. You can control user access and allow viewers to watch only the cameras you want them to see. You can sit on the beach in the Bahamas with a wireless laptop, and watch your cameras!

Backup Your 48 Channel DVR System

Our 48 channel DVR systems come with a Blue-Ray DVD Burner for backup, or you can download your video surveillance footage to your network, a USB or Firewire Device, or choose one or more of your onboard Hard Drives for this purpose. You can even use an offsite video storage farm or array. We build those as well.

Remote Management

Using the included Remote Manager, you can watch your surveillance cameras from one location. Central monitoring at it's very best! This system is system of choice for casinos, police departments, government agencies and much more.

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