4 Channel Security DVR

A 4 channel DVR security system is the cornerstone for the most basic CCTV surveillance system available. A 4 channel security DVR in a standalone box (vs. a PC based system) offers a low-cost entry point for video surveillance systems and is typically a great option for the home owner or small business.

Depending on your particular requirements, we offer a variety of 4 channel DVR systems to match your unique security need. Analog, IP (networked DVRs or NVRs) or hybrid models support up to 8 channels of analog or IP CCTV security cameras.

All of our 4 channel DVRs come with:

  • a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • a 10-YEAR Warranty
  • FREE Shipping
  • Lifetime firmware updates
  • Lifetime TOLL-FREE Technical Support

What is a 4 Channel Security DVR? What is a 4 Channel Standalone DVR?

A 4 channel security DVR is the cornerstone of a small-scale CCTV video surveillance system and is typically a great low-cost entry point for the home owner or small business. 4 channel standalone DVR systems are light, compact and relatively low cost. They require little working knowledge of CCTV security systems to get started.

Most 4 channel DVRs are standalone DVR systems (embeded appliances) vs. PC-based DVR systems. These standalone DVR appliances are securure, very robust and require minimal maintenance or special attention. All our standalone security DVR systems come packaged with video surveillance software. Most 4 channel standalone DVR systems typically include a remote control and/or a mouse to navigate the CCTV surveillance system software.

4 Channel Standalone DVR Applications

A 4 channel standalone DVR allows you to monitor and digitally record video surveillance footage from up to 4 security cameras simultaneously. Depending on the stanalone DVR you choose and the type of surveillance cameras you attach to it, your system could surveil and record events in a small indoor setting like a convenience store or a yard such as an autmotive repair shop's parking area.

Combined with the proper CCTV security cameras and the right video surveillance software (a very important consideration when buying a security DVR), a simple 4 channel DVR system can provide very effective protection for your home or small business. Tricks like setting a camera to monitors a specific area while also capturing the reflection in a mirror can stretch the effectiveness of these pint-sizied powerhouses. Knowledge like this is why our custmers are highly satisfied. We've been doing this a long time and we know how to help you get the most of your security and surveillance equipment.

Operation of a 4 channel standalone DVR security system is relatively straight forward and is much like how one would operate a DVR for recording television shows. Should you have any trouble setting up or opearting a DVR you purchased from DVR Systems, please give our tech support line a call at 1-800-807-1271 ext #2, Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:00pm ET. Our trianed American technicans will help you get your systems setup and running in no time.

4 Channel PC Based DVR vs. a 4 Channel Standalone DVR

4 channel DVR systems are available in varying configurations. You can usually select the size of the hard drive (HDD), recording resolution and digital video recording compression. Not all 4 channel DVR systems are made the same. If you need your standalone DVR to support real-time recording, make sure your security DVR supports a capture rate of at least 120 frames per second (fps) recoding capability. If you situation requires remote viewing of your CCTV surveillance cameras, be sure that you purchase a 4 channel DVR that is network capable (an NVR). This will allow you to watch a live surveillance video feed or review previously recorded surveillance video from a remote location - a very powerful tool should you need that capability.

What is a Customized 4 Channel DVR Security System?

What should you consider when selecting a 4 channel DVR? Your primary and most critical consideration should be the application of your surveillance system...what is it that you would like/need to accomplish? If you simply want to monitor activity in or around your home, then a cost effective 4 channel stanalone DVR will likely meet your needs. If you are looking to monitor your home while you are away, you should consider a network DVR, commonly known as an NVR.

Another important consideration is that Standalone DVR systems cannot be upgrade to add additional channels in the future. If you are certain your security application calls for 4 CCTV security cameras or less, a 4 channel standalone DVR system will meet your CCTV surveillance systems needs at an affordable price point. If you are at all uncertain about the number of security cameras you will need for your CCTV security system or are considering future expansion, you may want to consider an 8 channel DVR also available in a standalone box. 4 channel DVR systems are not upgradeable and the cost difference between a 4 channel standalone DVR and an 8 channel standalone DVR is nominal.

There are many advantages to buying a complete system with us, including our 10-YEAR WARRANT. Lifetime TOLL-FREE technical support and always FREE SHIPPING. So, give us a call and get a great deal on a 4 channel standalone DVR system today:


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