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Why do I get %uFFFDFail to Check Database%uFFFD when I try to launch DVR Main?

This error occurs if there isn't any database created on the DVR or if the Database got corrupted.

Fix1: Please log into DVR Settings, then go to%uFFFDDISK TOOL%uFFFD, create volumes on the HDD. (Please use 5 volumes less than maximum).

Fix2: If your DVR was working and this error occurs, please go to the DVR Folder and open DBTOOL, this is where your database information is kept. Please ensure all drive state is Ok and all field matches.

When I launch DVR Main, all my camera screen is black, what is the cause of this?

This is a conflict between the DVR video and the VGA Graphics card video.

Fix1: Please update your graphics card drivers from the appropriate website and re-install DVR software.

Fix2: Please check the version of your DVR software; please ensure that you are using DVR Software V12.06, for graphics card with 128MB of RAM or higher.

Why do I receive %uFFFDFail to Initialize Display%uFFFD error when my computer starts or when I launch DVR Main?

This is graphics related or the DVR Main is launched twice.

Fix1: Check your graphics properties and ensure your graphics card driver is install correctly, or re-install your graphics card driver (VGA).

Fix2: Please check and ensure that your DVR Main is not listed in %uFFFDAuto Startup%uFFFD in the DVR Settings and the Startup folder in Windows.

I've upgraded my DVR system, now when I try to launch I receive %uFFFDFail to check database%uFFFD, what is causing this error?

This is because you've changed your recording database, it is not recommended to upgrade your software unless directed by a Videon Technician.

Fix1: Please log into DBTOOL and clear all saved information, then delete or reformat your recording drive. Once that is done log into DVR Settings and Disk Tool to create volumes.

Fix2: Please un-install the upgraded software and re-install the original software and consult Videon Technical support for further diagnostics.

When I launch DVR Main it makes a double beeping sound, what and why am I receiving this sound?

This is your Video Loss notification sound; this notifies the users that one of the cameras is disconnected.

Fix: Please log into DVR Settings / Camera, under the General tab please uncheck Video Loss notification for all cameras.

When I insert my DVR card, my system does not boot up, is there something wrong with this card?

No, your motherboard PCI slot might not be compatible, or the DVR Auto Watchdog cable is incorrectly connected.

Fix1: Please change PCI slot and try other slots on the motherboard.

Fix2: Please unplug the Auto Watchdog from the motherboard and ensure that you are connecting the cable to the %uFFFDRESET%uFFFD led on the motherboard.

Fix3: If both methods fail please contact Videon Technical Support.

Can I install my DVR software on Windows Vista?

Yes, our DVR Software are Windows Vista Compatible, please ensure you are using DVR Software V12.06.

Can I install my DVR Software on any branded computers?

Dell is the only branded computer that is compatible with our DVR Software, Compaq, IBM, and HP is not compatible with our DVR software.

I'm trying to install my DVR software on Window 98, it doesn't seem to be working, what can I do to fix this problem?

Windows 98 is not longer supported by Videon, as well as DVR software versions prior to DVR v.5.02.



What ports do I need to open to view my DVR Server from a remote location?

The ports required are;

TCP 3000 --- Video

TCP 3001 --- Search

TCP 3003 --- Settings

TCP 3007 --- Video Transmission

TCP 80 --- Web Server (HTTP)

My Internet IP keeps changing, I do not have a static IP, and how can I keep a constant connection to my DVR Server?

Please visit our free DNS server website for more information http://www.dynamicdvr.com

What do I do now that I'm on http://www.dynamicdvr.com ?

Please review site, register a code (which should be 10 characters or less), please read the manuals listed on the site under %uFFFDDVR Setup%uFFFD, %uFFFDClient Setup%uFFFD, and %uFFFDRouter Setup%uFFFD.

I'm registered on http://www.dynamicdvr.com I input my code, it shows my IP address but I cannot connect, how can I see my cameras?

Please ensure that %uFFFDLast updated%uFFFD matches the current date and time.

Please ensure that your TCP ports are forwarded in your router, specifically (TCP port 80).

Please ensure TCP port 80 is not restricted by your ISP (Internet service provider).

Please ensure that your DVR computer is powered on.

Please ensure that your DVR has Internet connection.

I've check all the settings and everything checked out but I still can't connect, is there something I'm missing?

The router or software firewall or Windows Firewall is blocking access, please check with your router company for assistance in forwarding ports and double check your DVR computer for any firewall settings.

Why is it whenever I try to connect to my DVR, my router page shows up?

Your router is using TCP port 80 for remote connection, please change this settings in your router and have the ports forwarded directly to the DVR computer.

I was able to connect to my DVR in the past, now for some reason it gives me an error %uFFFDPage cannot be displayed%uFFFD, what is causing this and what can I do to resolve this problem?

The local IP address of your DVR might have changed; please check your local IP address (e.g. 192.168.X.X)

Check your Router configuration and confirm that the ports are forwarded to the correct IP address.

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